So you think it’s just fine that 5G is being rolled out within our communities? I think you need to think again.

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The amount of water in the composition of the body of a fish can range between 70 and 90%.  The environment of a fish is, itself, water.  Is there any question whatsoever that the quality of the water which the fish is both surrounded and permeated with is going to affect the health of that fish?

The body of a human being, when reduced to it’s most basic constituent, is composed 100% of energy.  We are at our most basic reality, energy beings.  Of course, so is a fish.  Everything we see, everything we know, everything that is, including the water surrounding the fish, is composed of energy.  Energy in motion.  Differences within the vibrational frequencies and amplitudes of the universal energy field we exist within result in the differences we see, hear, feel and experience within our everyday reality.

Any sentient being who is aware of this universal reality cannot possibly believe that we are not affected by the qualities present in the energy field which we live within.  It is as impossible as a fish not being affected by the quality of the water it lives within.  

We know that certain qualities of energy (frequency, amplitude) can and do affect everything and anything in our world.  Radio and television waves (energy) carry communications around the world.  X-rays, ultra-sound, CAT scans and magnetic resonance imaging see into our bodies.  Microwaves carry our WiFi signals, and microwaves heat our food.  There should be no question that microwaves can cook things.  What else can microwaves “cook”?  It’s all a matter of frequency and amplitude.  Ultimately microwaves have the potential of causing damage to any and every material thing that exists in the universe.  It’s all a matter of frequency, amplitude and proximity.

This reality isn’t lost on those seeking to produce weapons of destruction.  Microwave, laser, energy beam weapons exist and are, no doubt, under a process of constant manipulation to increase their destructive capabilities.

Microwaves are real, measurable, physical phenomena.  They affect things, that’s why they are able to do the myriad things we use them for today.  To think that we, as energy beings, can do whatever we want to our energy environment and that we don’t need to worry about it harming ourselves or other living things, is unreasoning, delusional, magical thinking.

Not being an expert in microwave frequencies I have to rely upon what I can learn from those who are to have an idea of what microwaves at different frequencies are capable of.  And what a great many experts are saying is that 5G microwave radiation is potentially very dangerous to human beings.  Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada is one of them.  In 2017, over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries issued a demand for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G WiFi.  In their appeal and declaration they identify concerns including:  “ … increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”  In fact, there is no shortage of websites providing credible, authoritative information available on the dangerws of 5G.  Here is one more.

For the past century and more various industries have shown a propensity to ignore the health and safety of the general population in their pursuit of “profit” (what they call profit anyway).  This narrow focus on reality has resulted in innumerable cases of rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, and even our oceans, being polluted.  In the name of “profit” our air has been polluted, food has been polluted, even medicines have been polluted.  As a result of these practices thousands upon thousands of people have been injured and/or died from poisoning of one kind or another.  This includes diseases stemming from various types of poisoning.

Now we’re faced with the proposition of pollution of the most pervasive, the most invasive nature which can possibly exist.  At the levels of deployment planned for 5G technology, not the walls of our homes nor the walls of the cells of our bodies can keep it out.  It would be the pollution of the very energy field we move within, and which moves within us.  In someone’s mind, within their values, it’s all worth it if it increases their bank account.  The threat and the reality of electromagnetic wave pollution have been going on for some time.  Various scientists and doctors have been sounding alerts and alarms for decades.  There have been cases of individuals reporting dis-ease stemming from manmade electromagnetic fields going back to the discovery of electricity.  However now the risks have grown exponentially.

In 2019, in testimony before a committee convened by the Senate of the U.S. Government, representatives of some of the major telecommunications companies stated they have not done testing on the safety of 5G relative to human beings.  As Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) concluded during the hearing, as far as the health and safety aspects of 5G are concerned, we’re “flying blind”.  Have we seen past patterns of consideration for our health and safety from industry so that we should have faith that they have our best interests in mind?  Should we be able to take comfort in their (empty) assurances that 5G is safe?  While they are busily employing an untested technology throughout our communities?  Are we crazy?

We should demand multiple test regimens by independent laboratories from multiple nations before we allow this technology to proceed any further.  Additionally, we should demand a shut down of what has already been deployed until we can be reasonably sure of the safety of it being turned back on…or not.  No matter how much money or what kind of technological benefits might be on the line, not to demand such thorough testing would be an abominable level of neglect for the health and safety of the human race.


5G, Health, Medicine, and The Media

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We are in the midst of one of the most unusual and challenging events that has taken place this century.  One very notable aspect of this event is that it is occurring at a time when public trust in the news media and in government is possibly at an all time low.  This is not due to anything other than the growing realization among people, both within the U.S. and in some other countries, that we have been being lied to regularly and grievously, about many things, for some time, decades.

We have been being lied to in order to further the agendas of those who, among other things, have purchased and control a very great number of the “mainstream” media outlets.  During WWII there undoubtedly was a great deal of news withheld and occasionally a misleading story published here and there as a part of the war effort.  However, after the war, the practice of censoring news stories in order to present the general public a false, misleading picture of certain events found a new life.

Somewhere along the line, it has clearly become a policy of the U.S. government to withhold genuine news and often present misinformation as a matter of policy.  Often “national security” is given as a rationalization for doing so, if any explanation is offered.  Other times no explanation is offered and reportedly any attempts to gain information are simply met with silence.  Official stonewalling.

We have been led to surrender civil liberties and to go to war on the basis of half-truths, lies, fabricated stories and engineered events.  Those who want to blame the entirety of mistrust of the media just upon what Donald Trump has said or done are evidently still working under the influence of decades of lies they have yet to confront, or accept, as such.

The pause which the current pandemic has brought the world has afforded a great many people more time to think about their lives, their communities, and the realities of the world than they are accustomed to.  Many people are realizing many things, and writing and talking about them.  A lot of new ideas, many good ideas, are being circulated on the various social media.  What follows is a product of our current events through the lens of my education, my background and experiences.

We are at the dawn of a new age in terms of understanding our bodies, our health, disease, our well-being.  It’s a dawn which has been gradually breaking for a few decades, there have been those heralding it’s coming, even it’s arrival, for quite some time.  These past few months have brought it squarely into public focus, awoken a great many people around the world to this new awareness related to a timeless reality.  All this in spite of the best efforts of much of mainstream media to keep it silent, out of view.  But the word is still being spread, on the internet.

The timeless reality I’m referring to is that we are, at the most basic level of our existence, energy beings.  This aspect of our reality is, in itself, possibly new to some although it has been a reality recognized by mainstream science for quite some time.  However the new awareness I’m referring to is that we humans can and do affect our bodies, our being, with the electromagnetic energy we utilize in our communications and other electronic devices.  That via such electromagnetic fields we can both mediate and exacerbate disease.  We can even kill.

If you’re out there thinking okay, so what’s new?  Then you’re ahead of what seems to be where the majority of people are in the learning curve around this reality.  I say this because of the amount of ridicule being expressed toward those who are giving voice to the dangers inherent in 5G radiation.  This would not be going on if those expressing such ridicule were genuinely aware of the reality around 5G and/or the reality that electromagnetic radiation, at a variety of frequencies and amplitudes, can and does affect us in profound ways.

The various types of electromagnetic radiation that can have an effect upon living creatures is not just radiation from the new 5G technology.  Living creatures have undoubtedly been being affected by electromagnetic fields/radiation since the beginning of life on Earth.  There are electromagnetic fields produced by lightning storms, volcanos, earthquakes, and the Earth itself has an electromagnetic field (which is how a magnetic compass works).   In our modern, recorded history people have been reporting being affected by manmade electric fields ever since electricity was discovered.    Electricity, radio, radar, television, cellphones, WiFi, even the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and more, all can and do affect people to a greater or lesser extent.  Some people are more sensitive to the electromagnetic fields in their environment than others.  However, 5G is bringing the issue of how electromagnetic fields can and do affect us to the forefront of current events.  The particular frequencies and amplitudes 5G operates at present a clear and present danger to all of us.

I have heard authorities in the effects of 5G radiation make the claim that it is possible to produce a much safer technology around the frequencies 5G utilizes, but that in the mad rush to be first and to claim profit, safety has been sacrificed for expedience.  Due to what we know about some of the effects of the frequencies 5G uses I question the assertion about 5G ever being safe for public broadcast usage.  Regardless, at this time there is little doubt that 5G is not safe.

It is my belief that during this period of time in which 5G technology is going online simultaneous with the spread of the virus involved in the current pandemic, that a significant number of cases of acute respiratory distress and subsequent deaths are, in fact, a result of the technology and not the virus.  Some of the cases of acute respiratory distress are unlike anything ever seen with flu or a virus.  They more resemble high altitude sickness from oxygen deprivation.  It is known that 5G can affect oxygen in a way which makes it unavailable to our bodies.*  In other words, exposure to 5G radiation can result in oxygen deprivation.  It seems to me that maybe, just maybe, the pandemic is providing some effective camouflage for the harmful effects of the technology being rolled out. Is this an intentional effort underway, orchestrated by a few?  Is this a way to try to avoid detection while rolling out an unsafe technology and thereby avoid any potential legal action?  And/or is there even more to it?

And that makes me wonder how many times this same phenomenon; dangers introduced into our environment by our electronic devices, has played out in the past?   Arthur Firstenburg, author of “The Invisible Rainbow”, has made a case that it has played out a number of times in human history.

What we are seeing happen at this point in time are the early stages of a pervasive paradigm shift within our understanding of our being and our health.  The energetic aspect of our reality has become too measurable, too undeniable and now too plainly a potential harm for us not to engage in the further pursuit of awareness of it’s qualities and potentials.  While within Eastern spirituality and medicine our energetic reality has been long recognized, here in the West, where allopathic medicine has been insidiously pushing alternative health care to the fringe, it is at least as profound a shift in awareness as Columbus discovering the New World.  The Old World (the world of the causes of dis-eases being limited, for the most part, to germs, chemical poisons and corporeal traumas) still exists,  however, it is now undeniable that there is more which can and does affect our health.  This new knowledge will alter some of our old beliefs, our old explanations, and even some of the current scientific foundations of allopathic medicine.  It is this latter issue, involving the field of medicine, which I suspect will result in significant resistance and much in the way of denial.  I must add here that there are those within some of the “alternative” disciplines in Western healthcare who do recognize our energetic reality and have for a long, long time.  Chiropractors, acupuncturists (an Eastern discipline), Reiki practitioners, neurofeedback providers, and others.

All of this is why the lengthy prologue regarding the deterioration of the commitment of the press (which is inextricably tied to a similar reality in industry and government) to truthfully and fully informing the citizenry.  This reality, of electromagnetic radiation and us, will, and already is, being widely ignored by the media.  And when it isn’t being ignored it is too often being denied.  It is also a certainty that this reality threatens some of the current and desired income streams of big pharma and some large corporations within the technology industry.

Another aspect of our current reality which the awareness around electromagnetic radiation threatens are the plans and schemes of those who seek to monitor, and control, us via technological means.  5G offers some hitherto unavailable opportunities for tracking our movements, going to a strictly electronic medium for our currency, and even controlling our modes of transportation.  I’m sure there’s more, but giving some consideration to the potential these uses offer for the unscrupulous, totalitarian minded and “well-positioned” should raise some red flags for thinking citizens.

We are most definitely at the dawn of a new age.  How will the actions to come play out?  Will we move forward as a global community with our priorities firmly grounded in human well-being, our well-being?  Or will we find ourselves at the mercy of a powerful few for whom the well-being of the general population is, in large part, a nuisance to be controlled.

We all can and do make a difference.  It is important for us to be aware of the plans and schemes others are making for our lives.  We need to educate ourselves to the basics of the technologies we increasingly rely upon.  We need to demand truth from those in power.  And in the midst of all these things, we need to keep alive the spirit of love and caring, of kinship, with one another and express it in our day to day lives.  And in keeping with that we need to refuse to cooperate with any activities which serve to act to the detriment of our individual and collective well-being.

I have included a couple links in the text of the article (in purple text).  I hope you will take some time and do more research into this reality.  Some search terms I can suggest to get started are:  5G, health, oxygen, coronavirus, exosomes.  However, these are just for starters.  There is an abundance of information from knowledgeable, credible sources on the internet addressing this reality.  Get some!

* In this article, accompanying an illustration, there is the statement: “The impact of oxygen molecules spinning the electrons is that it makes the hemoglobin unable to uptake the oxygen and get it to the rest of your body.”  There are those who try to refute this statement with the argument that there is no evidence 5G can affect hemoglobin.  This argument is taking the statement out of context with the whole of the article.  It is clearly the message within the context of the article that the inability of hemoglobin to utilize the affected oxygen molecules is due to the effect of 5G upon the oxygen, not hemoglobin.



Our World of Plenty

Oliver and the fishFor decades we have been being conditioned to believe we live in a world of scarcity. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We live in a world of plenty. However, our resources are only plentiful if managed wisely. Hoarding, polluting, withholding, squandering, all serve to interfere with our relationship with our resources and consequently, the health and well-being of our species.

In keeping with the saying attributed to Hermes Trismegistus: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”, we need to look within to see balance and efficiency in the service of life. Our own bodies present us with a model which, if emulated in our social models, would serve to provide us with much healthier, more stable societies than human kind is currently trying to cope within.

The various organs, the cells, the functions within our bodies all work together for the common good. It is as if they are aware that the good of the individual cell is inextricably joined with the good of the body as a whole.

Psychology, manipulation and the coronavirus.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Why do I use a graphic of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs so often in my articles? Because it informs us of a reality key to a successful life as a person and as a culture.

I began studying psychology in 1969, as a Freshman in college. I had a predisposition to being interested in human behavior. I felt the same about psychology as I imagine a lot of people do about chemistry, engineering, nutrition, or medicine. I felt psychology held the keys to understanding and improving the quality of life for everyone. During my Sophomore year I changed my major to psychology (it had been music).

As time went on, I found myself in a wide range of environments, exposed to just about the full gamut of human behaviors. All through this time I have had the good fortune to be exposed to instruction ranging from the cutting edge, the esoteric, the eclectic and the classic trains of thought. My life has pretty much revolved around working to understand why we humans do what we do. I am happy and grateful to report that, on the whole with information coming from a plethora of fields of study, we humans have garnered a very great deal of knowledge about ourselves.

We know much about what we need to have healthy, full, wholesome, complete lives. However, as a race, there has possibly been no other time in recorded history, in which we, as a species, have ignored so much available information. I would add: not only are we widely ignoring so much available knowledge, we are, around the world, perverting and abusing much of the knowledge that we do have. I don’t think there’s any field of study more widely abused right now than psychology.

The “powers that be” within industry and government, very early on recognized the potential the information coming from the field of psychology offered for manipulating people. Not for informing and leading people to understand ourselves, make wise decisions, and have healthy, full lives. But for manipulating people to do the things “they” want to see people doing. Buying things “they” want people to buy. Believing things “they” want people to believe. Behaviors that enrich their lives, not ours.

The contemporary, industrial use of psychology as a tool for manipulation of the public began manifesting as: advertising, which evolved into public relations, which has evolved into engineering consent. Engineering consent is currently the art of controlling what people perceive so that their/our reactions will pave the way for the fulfillment of the controllers’ agenda(s). We used to simply call it “lying”, and that definition still applies. But the current manipulative efforts are happening in such a sophisticated and technological manner, being done in service of people whose agendas are so totally based in egoism, so devoid of consideration for those who are the targets of the manipulation, that merely calling it “lying” doesn’t do justice to the depths of depravity these manipulative efforts emanate from.

Back in the early twentieth century, one of the seminal people in this dark trend was Edward Bernays. A nephew of Sigmund Freud, His efforts contributed heavily to women getting into smoking tobacco and fluoridation of public water. He is often referred to as “the father of spin”. I would say his title should more appropriately have to do with mastering the art of betrayal of trust.

What began as, and still is, a science with so much promise for improving the quality of life for humanity (which is how most sciences get started) is going through a time of profound perversion.  Mental health services are, I think, the most common interface between the general public and psychological expertise.  However mental health in many cases has become just another sales outlet for the pharmaceutical companies.

The reality of the evolution of the science of psychology is that what we have learned can show us much of what is needed to establish personal and sociologic well-being.  One example is Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which provides a basic template for personal and collective well-being.  But these aspects of the science of psychology, the aspects relating to the general population becoming healthy and whole, seem to be truly frightening to those who have been using psychology for manipulation and exploitation.

Restating the situation briefly:  the science of human behavior contains great deal of understanding of what we need to be whole, as individuals and as a culture.  What we know about what we need to be whole and healthy, as individuals and as a culture, is often directly contradictory to what many in positions of industrial and political power, around the world, want us to believe.  What we need for health and wholeness often informs us to behave in ways those currently holding the reins of industrial and political power do not want to see us behaving in. Ways that do not primarily serve them and their egoistic agendas.

Very often today the field of mental health is viewed with skepticism.  The results frequently experienced by those accessing mental health services, and seen by those around them, tends to cast mental health services as a marginally effective service at best. To a very significant extent, this is a result of what I call the unidirectional nature of how mental health knowledge and services are most often applied.  Every challenge to our mental health is occurring within a context. To try to resolve the issues by only addressing the dynamics within the person experiencing the challenges (mental-emotional distress, maladjustment, mental illness) without simultaneously addressing any pathological dynamics within the context, the society, the person lives within, is to simply ask a person to be healthy within an unhealthy culture. It is a unidirectional approach to mental health.

(There is a similar unidirectional phenomenon happening with laws and law enforcement in the U.S.  But that is another story for another time.)

There is a saying: “Culture is to people as water is to fish.”  The fact is, a human being cannot be whole and healthy within an unhealthful culture any more than a fish can be whole and healthy within a polluted lake.

The best that can be hoped for is to compensate as well as possible until the challenges with their accompanying stress finally take their toll. Physical illness, and/or mental illness, and eventually a hastened death are not an uncommon result. One coping option, one which some have been using for centuries, is that an individual, or a group, can try to escape the hellish dynamics too often present in society at large by attempting to live in a self-contained society. Monks and Nuns have sought refuge in such an attempt at controlling a micro-environment for centuries. In the U.S. small communes have experienced varying degrees of success. However, such efforts come at a price. That price is the seclusion itself. While those opting for such a lifestyle may genuinely feel that the benefit is worth the cost, such a system is not a viable answer for everyone.

So where does all this leave us? Exactly where we are right now. We are a species too often turned upon itself. Narrowly defined self interest expressed in predatory financial practices, an absence of consideration for others and even an absence of consideration for our natural environment itself, is genuinely threatening to extinguish us as a species. We are on a spaceship called Earth. You would think that even the most narrowly self-centered among us would have consideration for the natural life-support systems we all rely upon. But, as widespread pollution and destruction of essential habitat and species shows, that isn’t the case. Right now, the fact is, there are some extraordinarily short-sighted, narrowly focused, inconsiderate, egoistic, ignorant (by default or by design) people running too much of what is going on. And we’re letting them.

As I’m writing this, April 1, 2020, much of the U.S. and the world is quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic. As someone has put it: It’s like mother nature has sent us to our rooms to think about what we’re doing. Will we? Will we, across the globe, use some of this time to consider our own thinking, our own behaviors, and rejoin the world at large better for it?  Will our individual and collective well-being be prioritized higher than corporate profit, corporate well-being?  We’ll see.

Will we, can we, as a species, realize our interconnectedness (as demonstrated graphically by the current pandemic) and apply this awareness to the betterment of our collective well-being? It’s all up to us. Part of what a genuine recovery will entail, is the realization of how pervasively our cultures have been being manipulated by those with narrow, self-serving agendas.

Too often we are being manipulated to hate and fear those who are different in some way from ourselves. We are being manipulated to believe that pursuing narrow self-interest is what we should be doing. We are being manipulated to believe that those who are the most successful at narrowly pursuing their own self-interest are the successes in life. That we should look up to them, emulate them.

As a species, ultimately, we cannot survive, we absolutely cannot ever thrive, with such a mindset.  But if we truly grasp our interconnectedness and act in ways which, in every way, further our personal well-being and our collective well-being, we have the potential to experience a quality of life beyond what many have imagined.

Ten Truths

img_2343In my almost seventy years on Earth, I’ve learned a few things which I have a great deal of confidence in. These are ten of them:

1. While it most certainly is in our best interest to learn from the lives and teachings of wise and illumined individuals, saints, any person or institution which tells us that we require that person’s or institution’s intercession, or anyone’s intercession, in order to have a personal, intimate relationship with God, the Universal Creative Spirit, is lying.

2. Any person or institution which wants us to go to war against an entity from which we perceive no personal threat, is most likely trying to manipulate us in order to acquire some worldly wealth for themselves. Any call to war should be examined with immense skepticism, with the same attitude as you would regard a carnival barker. If, without the contribution of those calling you to war, you feel a real, personal, and imminent threat, then maybe the threat is real. But be very sure before you move to take another human being’s  life that there is no other possible path to a solution.

3. If the love of money isn’t the root of all evil, it certainly is one of the major contributors.

4. Use things, love people. Not the other way around. I saw this in a Facebook post. However, truth may even come from Facebook posts and this is a profound one.

5. When a person’s words and actions disagree, the truth of that person is to be found in their actions, not their words.

6. We live in a reciprocating universe. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If for no other reason, that makes the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you., truly golden. However, we may break a chain of injurious reciprocity with forgiveness.

7. Anyone who is exorbitantly wealthy relative to the world around them, has acquired that wealth through scheming; through finding a way to unfairly benefit from the work of others.

8. We never, ever “get away with” any immoral act. There is always a witness: our self. And we always, ultimately, desire justice.

9. Wisdom comes with age. If a younger person exhibits profound wisdom, they are an older soul come again to this Earth. If an older person exhibits little wisdom, they are a younger soul in an older body. If a younger person exhibits little wisdom, well, that’s life.

10. We are social beings. Without a healthy society as a context for our lives, our lives will not be healthy and we will not develop to our fullest potential. Your genuine well-being benefits me and vice versa.

The most important battle going on.

Fotosearch_k17282832 (1)
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This post is essentially an invitation to watch a documentary which was produced in 2010.  However the subject matter of the film is timeless.

Whether you’re watching FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., you’re being fed bullshit. But it comes in different flavors, because those controlling the news know, everyone doesn’t like vanilla. However there are certain constants no matter what channel you tune in to. Some of them are:

1. Accumulating vast wealth is good.
2. We should all admire those who have accumulated vast wealth.
3. Be afraid, be very afraid.. Depending upon what channel you’re watching, what we’re supposed to be afraid of can vary. But it’s never the extravagantly wealthy, nor war.
4. War is a necessity.
5. We need to spend more on war.

It is important to those busily accumulating wealth and power, regardless of the effects of their actions upon the majority of people in the world, or the planet itself, that we, the masses, believe these things. They are constantly endeavoring to engineer consent for their actions. Our continued belief of these concepts enables them to maintain and advance their agenda.

All we need to win this war is to realize our kinship, our innate interconnectedness. To love one another as we love ourselves. And to love the universal creative spirit that gives us life. To respect the creator, respect the creation.

The most important battle going on is to control our perceptions of what is going on. The battle to control our thoughts.  This documentary provides a clear picture of history and nature of this battle.  Click on the link to be taken to the full video on YouTube:


What’s changing the attitude of immigrants?

(c) NesaCera

There have been a number of posts about how someone’s ancestors (like mine) immigrated to the U.S. Were glad to be here, learned the language, and assimilated into the culture. That used to be the norm.

As is all too clear from the news that is not necessarily the case with immigrants today.

However, there is something else that is different that isn’t as widely distributed via the news. When my ancestors, and others, in the past came to the U.S. it wasn’t because U.S. individuals and corporations, and foreign tyrants, often with assistance from the U.S. government, had destroyed living conditions in their countries of origin.

That being the case, why would they want to come here?   Why come to a country whose governmental policies obviously, and increasingly, show moral bankruptcy?  A country which the home to those who have absconded with a great deal of their country’s natural resources? That’s a good question, however, it also provides the answer. They are just, as the phrase states: following the money.  The wealth which, at one time, resided in their home countries, or was the land they lived on and farmed.

Countries are like ships.  While conditions are acceptable on them, whose going to jump overboard and risk the dangerous swim to a ship on the horizon?  Nobody, or very, very few.  Everyone needs a ship to live on.  We all need a home.  We all need hope.

So, unless we want to see this mad scramble continue indefinitely, this mad scramble to find space in one of the ships of state where conditions still offer hope, one of two things has to happen.  1. We either try to revitalize conditions on the other ships in our world, or, 2. We kill a whole lot of people around the world, stop the flow at the source.

At this point a lot of you are offended, shocked by the latter option.  Good for you, you’re still fully human.  But there are some reading this who may not be shocked at all.  Who will think, good idea, let’s take that second option.

There are a number of ways that a human being’s innate sensibilities can be numbed to the point the second option seems attractive.  Ongoing trauma, over years, might do it.  Chronic severe stress, again over years, might do it.  Or belonging to a group, a family or club, which engages in practices designed to numb, to obliviate, those aspects of our humanity; empathy or any other innate connectivity to others, can do it.  And if you aren’t already aware, there are such groups, families, and clubs.   If you occupy a position of authority, it doesn’t seem to be all that difficult to find some who will blindly follow.

Humankind has a sorry history of people being willing to be used by those in positions of authority.  We’ve been doing it for decades, centuries.  Sometimes it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort on the part of those working to manipulate us to serve their agendas.  If starting with a human being early enough, with the right indoctrination, mass murder can just seem normal.  I think that was probably one of the goals within the Hitler Youth movement.  There are many reports of practices among groups claiming to be satanic which feed such a state of being.  And, as noted in the prior paragraph, there are others.  If you doubt this at all, look around, events in the world clearly show there are a good number of  people who do not flinch at the prospect of killing, murdering others to gain some worldly resource or another, or simply because someone in a position of authority told them to.  They can be found in dark alleys, on battlefields, and  they can be found in what has come to be known as “polite society”.

I tend to think it requires even less in the way of indoctrination to get people to perform activities which support rapacious, materialistic behavior when all they know of it are figures on a spreadsheet, abstractions.  White collar crime has, in many places, had many of it’s forms legalized by those who benefit most from it’s practices.

So, what about the rest of us, those of us who are still fully in possession of our innate human faculties?  Do we just follow the example of the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil?  Following that model will only help pave an unobstructed road for those who seek to prey upon the world at large.

I am in the U.S., the examples I have given refer most directly to things going on the U.S. However, the behaviors, the actions, the dynamics described in this post are most certainly not limited to the U.S. The very same dynamics are going on around the world. Different predators, same activities.

What those of us who still are cognizant of the interconnectedness of life, who are still guided by our innate sense of what is fair and reasonable, must do is speak out, act out.  Speak out the truths we know.  Do not quietly allow those with purely self-serving agendas slant, distort and/or fabricate the information which is being disseminated within our communities.  Act out.  Vote whenever possible to support just causes.  Participate in and support businesses and activities which truly are benefits to our communities.  Refuse to participate in the machinations working to drain the economic life out of our communities.  Refuse to participate in activities which are polluting our air, water, soil, our world, our very bodies.  Discourage our young people from becoming tools for the militaristic destruction of other people, the takeover of other country’s resources.

Love one another as we love ourselves.