A New Day?

I just watched, via television, the inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C. I heard President Biden’s heartfelt speech calling for unity, for liberty, for justice, for respect, for and among, ALL the citizens of the U.S.A. I believe he is sincere. I also felt joyful and privileged to witness Kamala Harris sworn in as Vice-President of the U.S. Truly a historic moment. I believe, at this time, that President Biden truly does care more about the economic well-being of the average American, and the condition, the health, of our environment, than his predecessor.

Yet I feel trepidation. Trepidation for myself, my family and the people of the country who are facing one of the most vile and heinous threats we have ever faced; the three pronged attack of: * the release of the Covid-19 virus, * the economically, emotionally and psychologically devastating authoritarian government restrictions/mandates, * and the “vaccine” being pushed in conjunction with it. I fear those behind this well-orchestrated assault upon the American people, and people around the world, have captured the ear of President Biden and those entering our new administration. I fear “two weeks to level the curve” is going to continue to mutate even more grievously into “follow our demands or else”. It is clear the effects of the authoritarian restrictions justified with a cry of “Covid” are much more a threat to the health and well-being of the general American public than the effects of Covid itself.

I fear the lofty speech President Biden gave concerning “unity” will functionally translate into: “unity if you follow our orders regarding limitations on your life and will accept “vaccination”. I fear the other important ideals he espoused for “all Americans”: liberty, respect, justice, will come with the same qualifications. I fear “respect” will be limited to those medical and scientific professionals who agree with Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. I remembered that during the time in which America was born, one of the grievances of the people of this land was that they were forced to accede to the demands of British soldiers to be quartered in their homes. How much more of a personal invasion is it to demand we allow a de facto experimental genetic manipulation into our bodies? Calling it a “vaccination” is bending the term into an all but unrecognizable form.

I hope my fears are due to my not being privy to President Biden’s nor Kamala Harris’ thoughts on this matter. I hope my fears are an unnecessary expenditure of energy on my part. I hope that to those taking the reins of government “unity” does not mean “as long as you submit”. I hope that “respect” is not reserved for those who do not question nor resist the personal restrictions already being imposed, or the invasion of our most personal of boundaries, our bodies. An invasion which I fear is looming on the horizon.

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