So you think it’s just fine that 5G is being rolled out within our communities? I think you need to think again.

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The amount of water in the composition of the body of a fish can range between 70 and 90%.  The environment of a fish is, itself, water.  Is there any question whatsoever that the quality of the water which the fish is both surrounded and permeated with is going to affect the health of that fish?

The body of a human being, when reduced to it’s most basic constituent, is composed 100% of energy.  We are at our most basic reality, energy beings.  Of course, so is a fish.  Everything we see, everything we know, everything that is, including the water surrounding the fish, is composed of energy.  Energy in motion.  Differences within the vibrational frequencies and amplitudes of the universal energy field we exist within result in the differences we see, hear, feel and experience within our everyday reality.

Any sentient being who is aware of this universal reality cannot possibly believe that we are not affected by the qualities present in the energy field which we live within.  It is as impossible as a fish not being affected by the quality of the water it lives within.  

We know that certain qualities of energy (frequency, amplitude) can and do affect everything and anything in our world.  Radio and television waves (energy) carry communications around the world.  X-rays, ultra-sound, CAT scans and magnetic resonance imaging see into our bodies.  Microwaves carry our WiFi signals, and microwaves heat our food.  There should be no question that microwaves can cook things.  What else can microwaves “cook”?  It’s all a matter of frequency and amplitude.  Ultimately microwaves have the potential of causing damage to any and every material thing that exists in the universe.  It’s all a matter of frequency, amplitude and proximity.

This reality isn’t lost on those seeking to produce weapons of destruction.  Microwave, laser, energy beam weapons exist and are, no doubt, under a process of constant manipulation to increase their destructive capabilities.

Microwaves are real, measurable, physical phenomena.  They affect things, that’s why they are able to do the myriad things we use them for today.  To think that we, as energy beings, can do whatever we want to our energy environment and that we don’t need to worry about it harming ourselves or other living things, is unreasoning, delusional, magical thinking.

Not being an expert in microwave frequencies I have to rely upon what I can learn from those who are to have an idea of what microwaves at different frequencies are capable of.  And what a great many experts are saying is that 5G microwave radiation is potentially very dangerous to human beings.  Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada is one of them.  In 2017, over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries issued a demand for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G WiFi.  In their appeal and declaration they identify concerns including:  “ … increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”  In fact, there is no shortage of websites providing credible, authoritative information available on the dangerws of 5G.  Here is one more.

For the past century and more various industries have shown a propensity to ignore the health and safety of the general population in their pursuit of “profit” (what they call profit anyway).  This narrow focus on reality has resulted in innumerable cases of rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, and even our oceans, being polluted.  In the name of “profit” our air has been polluted, food has been polluted, even medicines have been polluted.  As a result of these practices thousands upon thousands of people have been injured and/or died from poisoning of one kind or another.  This includes diseases stemming from various types of poisoning.

Now we’re faced with the proposition of pollution of the most pervasive, the most invasive nature which can possibly exist.  At the levels of deployment planned for 5G technology, not the walls of our homes nor the walls of the cells of our bodies can keep it out.  It would be the pollution of the very energy field we move within, and which moves within us.  In someone’s mind, within their values, it’s all worth it if it increases their bank account.  The threat and the reality of electromagnetic wave pollution have been going on for some time.  Various scientists and doctors have been sounding alerts and alarms for decades.  There have been cases of individuals reporting dis-ease stemming from manmade electromagnetic fields going back to the discovery of electricity.  However now the risks have grown exponentially.

In 2019, in testimony before a committee convened by the Senate of the U.S. Government, representatives of some of the major telecommunications companies stated they have not done testing on the safety of 5G relative to human beings.  As Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) concluded during the hearing, as far as the health and safety aspects of 5G are concerned, we’re “flying blind”.  Have we seen past patterns of consideration for our health and safety from industry so that we should have faith that they have our best interests in mind?  Should we be able to take comfort in their (empty) assurances that 5G is safe?  While they are busily employing an untested technology throughout our communities?  Are we crazy?

We should demand multiple test regimens by independent laboratories from multiple nations before we allow this technology to proceed any further.  Additionally, we should demand a shut down of what has already been deployed until we can be reasonably sure of the safety of it being turned back on…or not.  No matter how much money or what kind of technological benefits might be on the line, not to demand such thorough testing would be an abominable level of neglect for the health and safety of the human race.


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