Today the worst criminals don’t hide in dark places. They parade themselves, but not their criminal actions, before the world.

(c) trekandshoot
(c) trekandshoot

Despite Adolph Hitler’s cult of personality, in the hearts and minds of the men and women of the Allies fighting the war, WWII was not about personality, it was about principles. The phenomenon of cults of personality have been with humankind for all of recorded history. The advent of broadcast media has made those cults more widespread and bigger than ever. The media has also made it relatively easy for a public persona to have one “face” they show the public while carrying on with activities for which they would receive life in prison or the death penalty if that “face” were widely known. Among many of the rich and powerful, rituals involving the abuse, rape and murder of children and adults have been going on for decades.

The first hint I ever got of such things came from, of all places, an article in Parade magazine (you know, the magazine which came in the Sunday paper) in the last half of the 1970’s. The article chronicled satanic type behavior going on at a place called “Bohemian Grove”. Then President Ford was in attendance. Since then books have been written, such as “Trance Formation of America” which chronicle the horrors inflicted upon children and adults by Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Vincente Fox, Pierre Trudeau, and a few from the entertainment industry. The persons writing the book happened to be involved while Republicans were in office, however, the Clintons are also clearly implicated. It is noteworthy that the stories detailed in the book are unchallenged by those named as perpetrators.  There a number of books, and many videos on YouTube, which address these activities. Ted Gunderson, former chief of the F.B.I.’s Los Angeles field office has made a few videos speaking about this activity. They report our tax dollars are being used to subsidize these activities.

Working in a clinic which treated child survivors of sexual abuse woke me up to the reality of and the widespread nature of such activities. I also got some first hand reports on such behavior from adult survivors and from a person who aided a small number of survivors of the MK Ultra programs. From reports, there is only a small number of survivors.

These things are part of what can happen when we put greater value on personality, or material wealth, then on the time-proven principles, such as love, honesty, fairness, which can sustain us.


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