It’s up to us.

We'll get what we pay for!We’re approaching another Presidential election cycle in the U.S. and the campaigning is well underway.  A lot of different people have a lot of different interests they are watching for in the candidates.  Mine primarily is that I want to see healthier citizens in healthier communities.  That includes physical, mental and spiritual health.  Within this expressed interest I would like to see Universal Health Care, lower costs for higher education, more jobs, less homelessness.  Those opposing these things tend to say the candidates that support them are promising “free stuff”.  This tends to cast these candidates as less than substantial in their thinking.

I’d like to add this perspective to the mix:  It’s not a matter of “free stuff”, it’s a matter of where can we the people get the most return for our investment? Will our lives and our communities be better places if we invest more of our national treasure in universal healthcare, funding higher education for anyone who wants it, and in general giving greater consideration to our societal health and well-being, or should we continue to invest it to create arms industry, health insurance, big oil and big pharma billionaires? It’s up to us. We’ll get what we pay for.


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