Can the practice of being a good neighbor assert itself in the world?

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We have a major problem. Too many of those in government seem to see Social Security as another tax. That it’s the government’s money to do with as it pleases (and it has been for some time).

In the meantime the common people have been paying into it with the understanding that it is, in effect, a savings account akin to an insurance policy. And that certain conditions are necessary for participation in the program. If not there would and will be a lot of collectors who did not contribute. It’s a great program and anyone in the world can have their own. Europe expanded upon this idea to include healthcare and a few other commonly needed goods and services. Now Europe is being overrun by people who didn’t contribute and look what’s happening. We’re hearing about their social programs being in trouble. Not really any big surprise.

(Of course the actions of the military/industrial complex in Europe share responsibility with the military/industrial complex in the U.S. for all those people showing up at their doorstep,)

The bigger question is what has happened to our government, and it is “our” government. The only way it can continue to operate is with our consent and cooperation. It appears a new aristocracy has emerged within the U.S. And like the old one our forefathers and mothers fled to find the ability to build a new world, one run with greater equity, justice and hopefully harmony among people, the new aristocracy wants it all and will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to get it. The same as the old aristocracy.

We need to give new life to the idea, the emotion of brother and sisterhood among us all. We need to demand that all citizens within the U.S. are treated with respect, fairness and that lying to us is not acceptable. And we need to, as a nation, stop pillaging the resources of other countries. Stop creating the hordes of righteously angry, desperate people who show up on our doorstep because this country is where the wealth of theirs has gone.

We need to be good neighbors with each other within our country and demand all Americans treat those of other countries with the same good neighborliness we expect.  It’s  not acceptable to practice lying, cheating, stealing and murdering anywhere.


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