Who hates America?

Question Mark BlueI remember when, in history class or social studies, we would hear American democracy and the American republic referred to as “the great experiment”. Could common people govern themselves without the rule of a monarch, an aristocracy? The monarchs and aristocracy, including the religious power structure, along with the bankers, had been controlling Western civilization for centuries and were always working to increase their control.

America, the whole idea of the United States, was a slap in their face.

We read, every once in a while, about whether or not we’re still fighting the Second World War. Maybe the fascists weren’t really defeated? However, I would say we’re still working on the Revolutionary War. We still have not achieved independence, freedom from the “old world” bankers and monarchs.

I remember when George W. Bush made the statement in an address to Congress that:

“Americans are asking “Why do they hate us? They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

Of course, he was attempting to assign those motives to Al Qaeda. He praised Buckingham Palace as an ally in the same speech. That was the misdirection.

They say some of the hardest lies to unravel are those sprinkled with the most truth.

Along with a lot of other people I couldn’t figure out why the common people in the Middle East “…hate our freedoms.” Envy maybe, but why hate? The reason so many couldn’t quite get a handle on this statement is because they didn’t. But somebody did, and does, and George W. was telling us the truth in his assignment of motive to the most dedicated enemies of America. He just then pointed us toward the wrong people.

The concept of the United States was, and still is, a threat to “Old Money”. The wealthy old families, some considered royalty, who established control in Europe centuries ago and have been working hard to establish it everywhere else. If America could succeed with a democratically elected government it would totally undermine the myth of the need for their leadership. People around the world would wake up to the reality of how these families have been conning and ripping off the general population mightily for centuries.

They, the international oligarchs, have, for centuries, been getting us to settle their disagreements by going to war and killing each other…for them. It is very much in their best interest to keep us divided. The oligarch controlled media works hard to fan the fires of racial, religious and nationalist divisions.

It seems only logical that one of their worst fears must be an educated population that can achieve economic stability and self-determination.  Such a population would no longer hold the belief, the illusion, that they, or anyone else, possesses some sort of divine mandate of superiority and governance.  Nor would such a population continue to endure their scams.

The world was making a lot of progress in this direction after WW II. From their perspective that had to inspire great fear.  Slowly, insidiously, they have been asserting, and/or reasserting, their agenda. The oligarch controlled media has been telling us who to hate, who to fear. They’ve been taking control of the world’s banks and economy.  They’ve been promoting, establishing and maintaining, scarcity in the world. It helps them to keep the common people edgy, nervous, unstable, hungry.  Not necessarily hungry for food, also hungry for answers.  A truly informed public is not going to tolerate their manipulative ploys for long.  And people are weary, in need of economic stability.  Relief from the unrelenting stress of the debt slavery which helps keep us in line.

Edgy, nervous, unstable people, people only given partial truths about the world, are open to suggestion.  An information starved people are easier prey for the well studied psychological ploys which are constantly being employed and reinforced to keep us believing the lies essential to keeping their agenda on track.  Just consider all the unanswered questions going back to the assassination of John Kennedy. And there are a lot more unanswered questions around many events since then. The unanswered questions around 9/11 are many and profound.  When we’re angry and in the dark, we’re ripe, set up, primed to believe what those we’ve been programmed to accept as “authority” tell us.  Very often it seems they want us to kill some people, somewhere, who aren’t going along with their program.

And, of course, there is great power in manipulating goods and distribution, that is why a condition of plenty cannot be allowed to manifest.  However, if scarcity in goods and services is an important tool of the oligarchs, even more so is education. We are, and have been, indoctrinated in their version of history, what they need us to believe. Especially when it comes to anything having to do with economics, the central bank.

I possibly should have titled this article “Who fears our freedom?”  Because, the truth is right now a lot of people in the world hate the U.S. and what it’s government and military have been up to.  And the number is growing.  These feelings are, almost exclusively, resulting from behaviors U.S. citizens have been engaging in because of the explanations (vague and incomplete explanations) we’ve been getting about the terrorist acts that have killed U.S. citizens, such as 9/11.

So, as it’s always been, it’s up to us. Are we going to, once again, fall victim to their propaganda and turn on one another in support of their tyrannical rule?  Or are we educated enough, mature enough, to withstand the lies, the manipulations?  Can we maintain civility with one another, around the world?  This doesn’t mean that a people should bend over backwards to accept whatever abuse another people wants to inflict on them.  It does mean not letting our general motives when dealing with one another be greed, competition, fear, arrogance.  Do we have the survival orientation, the resolve, to protect ourselves and our loved ones with the important mental and spiritual tools we have access to?  We need to base our thoughts and actions in compassion, knowledge, wisdom and a recognition of the mutuality of the plight of humankind around the world.  There has never been a more important time for people to be establishing trust and friendship with one another.  Honesty and fairness can and will defuse the hate and lies we are being fed.

11 thoughts on “Who hates America?

  1. “We read, every once in a while, about whether or not we’re still fighting the second world war. Maybe the fascists weren’t really defeated? However, I would say we’re still working on the Revolutionary War. We still have not achieved independence, freedom from the “old world” bankers and monarchs.” Ken, that is briliant! That’s the way I see it myself, exactly – though I’d not have put it into those words.

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  2. I. too. Remember, you’re talking to a guy who was 51 years old before he ever thought for himself and stopped believing everybody who wore a badge. By the way, I shared your post on Twitter and Google Plus.


  3. I am also inspired by both the sentiment and the optimism in your closing statement (italicized.) This is not the time for burning of bridges. :Let’s communicate – in good will and trust – and rebuild all the unnecessarily burnt bridges in America, once again. God bless you, Ken.


      • After WW II the U.S. was seen as beacon of fairness, of hope and as a champion of the common person. That has changed. The good will the U.S. had established at the cost of many American lives was abused and greedy, sociopathic individuals began exploiting that good will to profiteer around the world. The U.S. military that had been widely seen as heros in the late 1940’s and for the most part into the 1950’s are now being used as pawns in the pursuit of material acquisition by sociopathic CEO’s and their politician cronies. We, the common people, need to act within our own spheres of influence to nurture wellbeing, stability and moderation within our own live and the lives of those around us. We live within a unified field, we all matter, we all make a difference. What we do with our lives is a vote for what kind of culture we want for ourselves and our loved ones!

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    • Thanks for your comment. I feel the same. What makes it all the more poignant is that I believe the America that was looked up to in the world still exists within the hearts and spirits of a lot of the people. We have allowed ambitious, corrupt, men and women to take over our halls of power and it is hurting us.

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