Just sharing.

753I don’t know if I should even be writing at this time.  I am feeling a kind of mental fatigue.  A lot of heavy issues coming one right after the other.  Some have been revelations about myself, realizations of greater detail, greater explanation about things I’ve gone through in the past.  I welcome these, however, they require attention, some work and sometimes can be stressful.  And a number of the issues come from my (our) environment, the world at large.

I’m not going to go into the personal realizations here, maybe in a book sometime (?), I don’t know.  But they would require a lot more words than I want to be dealing with at this moment.

As for what’s going on in our environment, wow, the carousel is certainly spinning quickly.  One very salient question is;  how do we keep from getting dizzy?  We have what happened in Las Vegas, what’s going on with North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and more.

Here in the U.S. we have a President who is busily establishing himself as a “taker” extraordinaire.  He wants to take back the promises made to the “Dreamers”.  He wants to take away money from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  He wants to take back civil rights gains from the LGBTQ population.  He wants to personally benefit himself (take) with tax cuts, and in the process take away money needed to keep our society healthy.  And more.  Of course it’s not just him, behind him are a number of other multi-millionaires and billionaires with their hands out, rooting him on.  If we had the government our public school system tells us we have, we’d be able to report him and have him seriously investigated.  But he is the head of the government and that’s not going to happen.  At least not the way it would to any average citizen.

Back to Las Vegas, is anyone out there still trying to figure that out?  How’s that working for  you?  I can’t say it was a “false flag” attack, the only “flag” I see seriously attached to the event is the flag of fear.  And certainly what happened was done in the name of creating fear, so that’s not a false flag.  Who or what else had a hand in it?  Some domestic extremist group?  The CIA?  FBI?  Some faction or another of another agency as yet unknown?  ISIS (unlikely)?  No doubt it wasn’t all about Stephen Paddock.  But whoever is behind it, it is just another in a growing list of tragic events we are being lied to about.

And I realize that claiming, or even being able to soundly demonstrate, that we’re being lied to by our government and media hardly raises an eyebrow anymore.  Wow, is the mainstream U.S. population filled with complacency, or is it apathy?  Or, and this is one of my personal fears, have so many people bought onto the value that “it’s all about money” so that whatever anyone does in the pursuit of wealth and power (to get more wealth) is just seen as normal?  Stephen Paddock was already quite wealthy from what I’ve been hearing.  So his cooperating, if he was cooperating, with this thing to gain wealth may seem unlikely, but it doesn’t take much looking around to see there are plenty of people whose greed seems to know no bounds.  I do think that the pursuit of wealth is the ultimate motivation behind whoever set this all up.

Human beings are engaged in so much corrupt and hurtful behavior, it would be easy to get discouraged with it all.  But there is also so much good stuff going on.  We are still enjoying life on an outrageously beautiful planet.  There are still artists:  painters and other visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers, storytellers and others turning out some beautiful work.  There are people working to protect and restore our planet and our communities.  I enjoy family and friends.  In other words, the worthwhile aspects of the human spirit are still around and actually not that hard to find.

So maybe I just need a break.  I need to take a break from my decades long compulsive quest to understand.   I had it shown to me in dream, decades ago, that to protect ourselves we don’t need to wield the truth, we just need to possess it.  That’s quite a concept, but having people looking on an event and knowing the truth does have an effect.  We affect what we observe.  More good news is that I do know that, every day, more people are becoming interested in the truth.

I find my thoughts drifting to SCUBA diving.  Floating around in a weightless environment.  Seeing the wonders there are to see.  It’s something I dearly love and have gotten to do precious little of.

So I am just kind of rambling on I suppose.  Thank you to everyone who has read and commented, or just read, this blog.  And to other bloggers who help their peers see that it can be done and that there are regular folks looking around to see what other regular folks are writing.

I hope things are going well with you.  I think I’m going to check into used SCUBA gear.

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