Whether the current world political stage is organic or orchestrated, our response should be the same!

P1080179I have seen more than one post on Facebook lately presenting the thought that what is happening with the current U.S. Presidential election, at least with the two major party candidates, is all stage play. It is pre-arranged as is the outcome. There can be no doubt that with the amounts of money that are involved this is a real possibility. So many events within our culture and within cultures around the world, over the past few decades have contained inexplicable aspects if we try to view them as the thing our government/media syndicate try to present them as. The Oklahoma City bombing, the London subway bombing, 911, the Boston Marathon bombing, Charlie Hebdo, and more, all leave us with questions we don’t get answers for, questions which aren’t satisfactorily answered by the official stories.

The amounts of money at stake in world events can certainly afford the very best when it comes to those skilled at the art of illusion.

No matter if what is taking place is organic or orchestrated, and I tend to think it’s often the latter, a very clear fact is that tearing us apart as a people and a culture seems to be a goal. To hate each other because of our differences, fear each other because of our differences. These are messages we keep getting over and over and over. And the more afraid and angry we become, the more vulnerable and ready we are to believe that some socio/political potion being offered us by one of the candidates, which includes more hate and fear, is needed. 

The fact is any cure involves us changing what is inside us. If we like this life on Earth, we need to wake up to the reality of what and where we are. We are the inhabitants of a celestial “spaceship” hurtling through a cold, dark void.  Our planet/spaceship/home, the resources it offers us, and each other, are all we’ve got. We need to start working together; respecting, caring for and nurturing all of this and each other a lot better than we have been. And we need to do it really soon. Despite what the media is telling us, a lot of people around the world want to do just that and are already working at it in their own lives!

We need to turn off the negative, fear mongering media and see the positive around us and the mutuality of our plight. Focus on it, breathe it in. Enter into reciprocal interaction with it, using our best wisdom, nurturing and being nurtured.

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