The Predatory Genius Behind “Obamacare”



I would much rather write about more pleasant topics, but there are things happening within our culture in the U.S., and elsewhere, which are deeply disturbing.  And, if you haven’t already, we all need to wake up to what are assaults upon our well-being, the well-being of our families and loved ones.  As hard as it is to imagine, some may not agree that there is any particular assault going on.  But there is, and it is class warfare.  Contrary to what the mainstream media may portray, this war has not been started by the poor or middle class.  For the most part we’ve all been too busy just trying to manage our households, families and jobs.  No, this war was started by and is being continuously waged by the very, very rich.  They are the only people with the time and resources on their hands to undertake such a thing.

So, what does that have to do with the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare)?  Under the guise of a humanitarian act, Obamacare is, at it’s heart, just another mechanism for the very, very rich to prey upon the meager holdings of the middle class.  How?  It increases insurance and/or medical expenses for those with an income which, in this case, means more money flowing upward.  As for the poor, many come out ahead but they weren’t targets of the greedy anyway, because, painful as it is, they have nothing.  There is nothing to get.  But to the very greedy the poor can still have usefulness as a lever. So what was accomplished with the ACA is a new hand into the wallets of those who still have some degree of financial stability.  It does this via either higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher copays or a combination of those three.  And if the individual or family has an income, not enough to live comfortably on, but something, not enough to afford health insurance, but something, that is probably enough to disqualify them from government subsidy.  This means, because they can’t afford health insurance, they will be penalized for not buying health insurance every year when they file their federal income taxes.  Overall the ACA therefore significantly increases the chances of a middle class individual or family experiencing a bankruptcy.

Many individuals and families that were able to get along with the already exorbitant health care costs they faced before the ACA feel they can no longer afford doctor’s visits, medical care now due to higher deductibles.  Imagine that!  Being coerced to buy a health insurance plan that still leaves you so exposed financially you’re afraid to seek medical care!  So how was this packaged to get (or try to get) Americans to go along with it?  It goes like this:

We Americans (and I think people in general) tend to be charitable people.  We want to help those who need it when we can.  This tendency on our part is often exploited by charities during disasters to get us to send millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions of dollars,with the heartfelt intention that the money should reach the people who have been the hardest hit.  But does it?  Sometimes it does, often it doesn’t.  The bleak story of Haiti, the earthquake, and what happened with all the wealth that people from around the world sent to help the people whose lives were economically devastated, is a prime example of how good intentions can get horribly abused.  But that is another story and not for his article, I hope you’ll investigate it further on your own.  The point is, we want help people who need it and that can leave us vulnerable.

In explaining the abuse perpetrated by Obamacare it’s important to know that in the U.S. medical costs are the number 1 cause of bankruptcy (see links below).  Medical costs are extortionately high in the U.S. and that includes the cost of health insurance.  Insurance is supposed to help, supposed to protect us (in theory) and sometimes it does.  The problem, before Obamacare, was that the very poor could not afford health insurance.  So the emergency room became the last, desperate hope if a poor person needed care.  The costs of providing this care was passed on whenever possible to the rest of us through higher costs for us.  However, there was a clear and present need for more comprehensive medical care for the poor.  We all know poor people (and everyone else) should be able to seek medical attention before it reaches the level of being an emergency situation.  So there it was, the exposed heartstring of the American people waiting to be tugged on.

Now, before Obamacare the American people that were lucky enough to have health insurance  were already being charged extortionate prices.  For many health insurance was the highest single monthly expense in their budget.  More than rent or a mortgage, more than their car payment, or anything else.  We Americans have been getting taken to the cleaner on health insurance for some time.  And where does that money go?  It doesn’t just disappear or cease to exist. By and large it goes to two places (which sometimes may turn out to be one place).  A lot of it goes to the extortionate prices being charged for medical care.  That includes charges from administration, doctors, supplies, pharmaceuticals, and other medical related costs.  It seems these days that if the term “medical” or “health” can be applied to a product or service that is the cue to charge an extortionate amount for it.  That brings us to the second place our health care dollars are siphoned off to: the health insurance industry.  Within the health insurance industry we find the waiting hands of those profiteering from it.  And some of them are profiting mightily. See my blog article: “Can Socialized Healthcare Work in the U.S.?

So, again, under the guise of a humanitarian action another mechanism was created for the very, very rich to pick the pockets of the average American.

This is not what was intended when communities began pooling some of their money to help a community member who might fall or be thrown upon hard times.  This is how “insurance” got started.  It is a beautiful idea.  Then someone realized there was money sitting around they might be able to get their hands on and we all know the rest of the story.  And the rest of the story leads us back to the exploitative reality of Obamacare.

We, the common people of the world, have got to wise up.  And part of that process is to realize taking care of each other is wisdom.  Taking care of the Earth is wisdom.  Honesty is wisdom.  Working together, realizing the mutuality of our lives here on Earth, we can build cultures and communities within which we can flourish.

(And my apologies to sharks for using their likeness to help illustrate a message about human corruption.)

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