The End!?

End of the road.Lately I am experiencing a phenomenon I call “the end of a series”.  It’s when projects you’ve had going on, sometimes for years, are relatively suddenly all coming to completion at about the same time.  I haven’t followed astrology for some time but I would be surprised if there isn’t some astrological event correlated with this phenomenon.  It can be a good feeling and it can provoke some anxiety wondering what is coming next.  We can get comfortable with our unfinished projects, like old friends.

One area of personal work I’ve recently experienced reaching clarity is understanding that, in our appeals for needed change in the world, it behooves us to frame the issue(s) in way in which there are no villains.  No bad people, just values, thoughts and actions which either help sustain and nurture us all or that need attention, alteration.  

One of the changes we need are world cultures which are more completely inclusive.  Cultures in which we all fit, in which all our gifts, our abilities to contribute, are recognized and valued.

When we can all lovingly call this world “home” we will all do much better at taking care of it.  Which includes caring for each other as well as ourselves.

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