The Elusive Quality of Security

SecuritySafety and security seem to be increasingly elusive qualities within the culture of the United States.  And with this statement I am just referring to “law and order” type safety and security.  Then there’s financial security, that’s becoming an even more elusive quality.  Why is this?  And, is there a direct connection between the two?

As the structure of our cultural system becomes more aligned to the purpose of keeping the extravagantly wealthy in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed, our culture is becoming increasingly less hospitable to the average person.  We have to keep coughing up the exorbitant profits required to support the extremely unbalanced system.  That means we have to keep paying more and more for less and less.  And it means that simultaneously, when it comes to our jobs, if the job hasn’t been outsourced to create more “profit”, we have to keep doing what we do for less in terms of wages and benefits.

The last paragraph is all about the disappearing cultural quality known as “financial security”.  What does that have to do with “law and order” type security?  Everything.

As more and more people find themselves experiencing want, hunger, depression, homelessness, hopelessness, these people also find themselves less and less invested in maintaining the status quo, or in following “their” laws.  That is a real concern to those who are entirely invested in maintaining the status quo.  Those individuals who have succeeded in manipulating the lawmakers of our country to comply with their wishes and thereby fulfill their wildest dreams by essentially turning the culture and the economy of the United States into their own personal cash cow. The lawmakers have done this via changes to laws affecting taxation, import/export, employment, banking, monopolies and other areas.

Now, from the perspective of the view of those who still are majorly invested in maintaining the status quo, it’s not just foreign powers and malcontents that pose a threat to the “law and order” security; it’s also the average American citizen.  So things like monitoring all domestic as well as overseas phone calls becomes a priority.  Having combat ready troops on U.S. soil for deployment on U.S. soil becomes a necessary contingency plan.  The creation of large scale detention centers in case the natives get restless is also just more contingency.  Those reaping the benefits of the huge economic imbalance, who are the ones most invested in maintaining the status quo, may be lacking in empathy but not in strategy.

So as more people are pushed beyond the critical threshold that determines whether or not an individual still feels any investment at all in the mainstream culture of the United States, we see less “law and order”.  Fix the economy, put the economy into a greater balance, get people re-invested in the reality of the United States (or any country for that matter), and, by and large, we fix the “law and order” problems.  It really is that simple.

The key, what must take place for the human race to transcend the pit it has fallen into, is for enough people;  young, old, men and women, rich and poor, to realize that the health and well-being of our spiritual reality must be given priority.  Then we can begin to build a culture, our lives, with true understanding of ourselves and each other.  It is paradoxical that the most enduring and reliable basis for our lives is also the most ethereal.  And is shared in by all.

7 thoughts on “The Elusive Quality of Security

  1. Very interesting. We also see that in some places access to basic police protection is starting to be limited due to budgets. And as we disinvest in mental health services, prevention of all kinds, treatment for addiction – police are being used to manage the fall out and contain the resulting problem. I don’t believe most police want to be deployed against their own people for things that should have been prevented in the first place.

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  2. As money gets tighter in my own personal life I am striking out by becoming a minimalist. I do this for personal reasons, but on a grand scale I a majority of the nation also cut back on spending and started keeping their money maybe it would awaken the forces to be that we are no longer going to take pressures of keeping the economy moving forward. Maybe, just maybe enough is enough.

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  3. Extremely unequal societies, where many people are in deep poverty while others are super-rich, have high levels of crime. The reasons are rather obvious. They also tend to have high levels of obesity, drug abuse and vandalism and low levels of community co-operation. This is expensive because it requires more police, more courts, more prisons, more hospitals, none of which come cheap.

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