Freeing Ourselves from the Modern Day Monster of Institutionalized Avarice

AvariceThere’s a monster that is destroying lives, cultures and quite possibly the ability of our planet to sustain human life.  This monster has many heads and many faces, but a common heart.  That heart is filled with avarice. defines avarice as:  “1. insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth.”  This desire and it’s many expressions around the world are destroying many cultures and countless lives.  And yet, if one is to believe much of what is in the news media, we adore and clamor for it.  We glamorize those most successful in their avarice and watch as they exercise their power and influence. Power and influence gained mostly through gifts or investments of money to influential politicians and /or other influential business people. We have accepted the methods and the madness of avarice to the point it is largely institutionalized within the businesses and governments around the world.

Yet institutionalized avarice is, through the widespread deprivation and pollution it is incessantly responsible for, killing our neighbors, our children, our relatives, our cultures and ourselves.  Often first the spirit is exhausted, depleted, and the body dies shortly thereafter.  What other species on Earth would engage in such suicidal behavior?  It is us, the general human population on Earth, the masses, through either our ignorance of what is happening, our uncritical acceptance of what our culture at large appears to call “success”, fear of consequences of being different or oppositional, or even complicity on the part of some who also profit financially, that keep the whole system going.  Because, believe it or not, the greatest potential power for change and the establishment of positive practices within any culture, any nation, lies within it’s general population.

Love is the first answer, we must love one another, respect one another, genuinely want to see our neighbor doing as well as ourselves.  It is through love we can gain the unity and the purpose needed to stand up to the forces of avarice who are wise enough to know that a divided people is much more easily subdued.  The forces of avarice often control the governments, media, schools, even the churches to the extent that the existing cultural systems cannot be looked to for genuine leadership.  It must come from a grassroots movement, based in love and led by the wisdom that can come when we see through the eyes and the mind of love.

We cannot let ourselves be diverted, deterred by words of hate, of divisiveness based in issues of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religious background, sexual orientation, or any of the usual issues that are raised and fed to keep us arguing endlessly and uselessly among ourselves. We must recognize our widespread, shared, common humanity.  Our basic needs are all the same and we need a world where those needs are met.  Yes our work, our input is necessary, but now even all the willingness to work in the world cannot break the stranglehold the most avaricious among us have gained on our world’s resources.

It is going to take unity and unless that unity is based in genuine love, respect and recognition of our kinship within the human race, then we are just materialists shouting blame at other materialists.  Any change would most likely lead to a recreation of the existing imbalances, just with new faces imposing their avarice on the rest of us.

Never in the history of the world have the communications existed for ideas to spread so widely and so rapidly.  Never have we had the means to witness from afar the real conditions of our brothers and sisters around the world, to witness and to realize our mutuality so clearly.  We now can see, can know all the ways we are the same; our love for family, for music, for art, for sports, for shared interests, thoughts and emotions, all the beautiful expressions of life we can bring to our world.  That is, when we aren’t suffering from deprivation or poisoning brought about by the insensitive practices driven by avarice.

Wake up people of the world!  Look around, realize our mutuality.  Say hello, begin a worldwide dialogue and use our love and our intelligence to change the face of our worldwide reality.

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