Life Within the Field

The Field

All of us and everything else that exists on Earth share a least common denominator in terms of our make-up.  The human body, our houses, trees, rocks, water even air, everything we can see, touch, taste and hear is composed of energy.  We are energy beings and we live within an energy field.  Further it is only logical, once one accepts the reality of the energetic basis of our lives, to have thoughts and questions about whether or not we are affected by what is happening within the energy field that composes and is our environment?    The answer is that beyond a doubt we are!  One of the best examples I know of to illustrate this reality comes from the field of neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback.

Just so we all have the reference point;  using EEG technology, brainwave activity is measured in cycles per1 hz second, also known as hertz (hz).  In the small diagram to the right, when the wave goes from the baseline up-down-and back to baseline in 1 second, that is 1 cycle per second or 1 hz.

So, we have electrical (energetic) activity going on in our brain that can be measured by using EEG technology.  Our brainwave activity takes place within a certain range of frequencies.  Certainly a great deal of our brainwave activity takes place in the frequency range from .5 hz up to 45 hz, which is known as extremely low frequency (ELF).  Some say there are also higher frequencies involved and, while having no direct experience of working with these frequencies (consciously anyway), I cannot say it isn’t true.  There are different states of mental arousal, different activities associated with different frequencies of brainwave activity.  For instance, the frequency of 1 hz is associated with a very low state of arousal; sleep.  18 hz is associated with a much more active brain, possibly doing math problems.  And, some good news, we can train our brains to alter their patterns of brainwave production to improve certain skills or to diminish unwanted, symptomatic behavior such as an inability to stay focused on a task.  This is what neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback is all about.

We are always, 24/7, producing the entire range of brainwave activity.  But the frequency where our attention is centered determines (or reflects) our dominant mental state.  So if we’re sleeping we are centered in a very low frequency range (Delta) and probably utilizing or dedicating a relatively high amount of energy in the production of that frequency of brainwave.  If we’re studying we’re devoting more energy to higher frequencies.  However, what determines what brainwave frequency(s) are dominant and therefore driving our behavior isn’t always determined by what is going on inside us.  Our brainwave activity can be driven by external forces.  In a therapeutic setting this reality is utilized sometimes when someone has a problem producing enough of or getting centered within a certain frequency of brainwave.  The therapist can give the client a cushion (or some object) with a vibrating device built into it and then program the cushion/object to vibrate at the desired frequency.  The external vibration can stimulate or drive the client’s brain to increase the production of that frequency of brainwave.

Externally stimulating a person’s brainwave production doesn’t always require that a person be in physical contact with an object.  High energy electromagnetic waves can do the same thing.  If electromagnetic (energy) waves are broadcast at a person at a high enough power the person’s brain will be influenced to be in synchrony with the frequency of the waves being broadcast at it.  A person could be induced toward a lethargic state or toward high anxiety.  Therefore the frequency of the ambient energy around us can and does affect our mental functioning.  We need to become more aware of this reality and develop as healthful an energy environment for ourselves as we can!

By practicing meditation we can also influence our brainwave activity.  We can learn to alter our state of consciousness and strengthen our powers of concentration or relaxation and also affect our overall health.  It takes time, effort and lots of repetition but it can be accomplished quite nicely.  Exercising our brain/mind via neurofeedback or meditation (neurofeedback is essentially externally assisted meditation) is a very worthwhile thing to do!

What is written above is all conventional science and if one has access to EEG technology, the EEG phenomenon can be easily observed and/or replicated.  What follows is based in more esoteric teaching and I am going to simply restate it as it was told to me.  For your consideration:

There are other effects which fluctuations in the level ambient energy around us can produce.   These have to do with whether the ambient energy is abundant (high) or more scarce (low).  High energy times are characterized by an upswing in the creative arts;  music, graphic arts, writing, inventiveness and in war.  Why war?  Because when we feel the push, the pressure of high energy we find ourselves up against whatever we have been putting in our heads.

It works like this:  for however many years we feed ourselves information.  We learn.  Those thoughts, the patterns they form take their place in our neurology, in our mind, and when high energy comes around it’s like throwing the “on” switch.  We become whatever we have been preparing ourselves to be.  We act out what we have prepared ourselves to do.  Will we be immersed in creativity or destruction?  When we’re feeling the pressure of the energy we can’t easily back up within our minds to rethink our positions.  If we have been feeding ourselves polarized material we become even more polarized.  So there are wars which are contributed to by the phenomenon that the ability to take a step back, to gain objectivity and plot a new course are forfeit to the force of the energy pushing us.  Like riding in boats on a rapid river.

It brings to my mind the old spiritual:  “Down by the Riverside”.  More specifically the first line of the chorus:  “I ain’t gonna study war no more”.

When the force of the ambient energy abates, then we feel less pressure.  We have more internal ability to contemplate our thoughts and actions.  To redirect our thoughts and minds and hopefully, looking at how the last few higher energy cycles have gone, build something which is overall more conducive to a happy life filled with harmonious interaction with each other and with our environment.

Ok, that’s what I was taught many years ago.  I have since encountered no reason to doubt the accuracy of that information as far as it goes.  However, we have just begun to explore and understand this essential aspect of our being.  Imagine what may yet to be discovered!  And think positive!


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