On Becoming Gollum

ring photoMental, physical and spiritual health:  if we aren’t vitally interested in these things then we either are lacking in cognitive awareness, suffering from a mental disorder or we have somehow become deluded, misled in our understanding of the world, our understanding of ourselves.  Our overall health is the underlying factor in our being able to participate in and enjoy the world we live in.   Does it matter if we own a multitude of houses, boats, whatever, if we have lost our ability to be fully human?

If we have to sacrifice parts of ourselves, cut off from our awareness vital aspects of our innate being, in order to obtain a material thing, what have we gained?  A refuge from our humanity?   The ultimate refuge from our humanity, of course, is death.  Many die in pieces during their lifetime, cutting themselves off from themselves.  Time and time again cutting themselves off from feeling/experiencing the messages their own spirit is trying to express;  doing so in order not to be hampered in their attempt to gain some material “advantage”.

Little by little a person who is captured by the desire for material wealth, above all else, becomes a variation on the theme of Gollum, the character from Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.  A miserable creature unable to relate to others, living in a cave, possessed by the beauty of a golden ring.   Ironically the beauty and power Gollum sees in the ring is, in reality, a reflection of the beauty and power (to attain an enjoyable life) that exists within his own spirit.  But he has become trapped by his projection of his own latent spiritual beauty onto the ring.  And his desire, essentially to experience the beauty of his own spirit, leads him to a lifetime of neglecting the very thing he yearns for.

Of course Gollum is a fictional character.  But projecting our own qualities, or our own potentials and/or desires, onto other objects, both living and inanimate, is a very real phenomenon.

Gollum becomes quite persistent, quite vicious in his efforts to maintain possession of the ring.  Why wouldn’t he?  To him, within his deluded mind, the ring represents his deepest self.

This is one of the psychological mechanisms (projection) by which human beings become involved in neglecting their humanity for the pursuit of inordinate material wealth.

Speak out!   However, it is essential to realize it’s a dialogue.  Share, listen, learn, adjust, refine.



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