Successive Incarnations and Social Evolution

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

I am convinced that we are essentially spirits that go through successive incarnations, reincarnations is more often the term used, in our ultimate developmental process.  It is the only plausible explanation for our existence that embraces, with reason and compassion, all the phenomenon we observe with human kind.  This universe is our home and our school.  The lives we lead contain the lessons we need to learn.  They also contain the joys that fill us with appreciation and desire.  It is the joys that give us the motivation to face the obstacles our lessons may contain.  Subscribing to this view of our lives contains some implications which can color how we see the events taking place in the world.

As physical and as spiritual beings we are developing, evolving.  We are becoming more complex, more sensitive and spiritually more experienced.  Our needs are changing.  Those needs include the need for a culture, a context, that is flexible to evolve in harmony with individual development/evolution.  Yet many of the systems in our world are operating much as they did centuries ago.  An ancient metaphysical axiom, one I have seen ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus and also to Vedic texts, is “As above, so below.  As below, so above”.   This has significant meaning when we consider our personal evolution.  As we as individuals evolve, so should the system, the culture we are a part of.  At least that is the natural order.  What is currently happening is that certain individuals are working hard to try to prevent change from occurring in some key areas of our world’s systems.  For the most part these blocking actions seem to be stemming from financial motivations.

For instance, if a person is deriving a large income from the sale of petroleum for the fueling of automobiles, that individual has an interest in preventing electric cars from becoming widely produced and used.  That, in turn, results in more atmospheric pollution taking place which affects the health of people worldwide.  Such impediments to health are impediments to our natural, healthful evolutionary processes.   Unfortunately, the same can be said for many who derive incomes from many aspects of the worldwide energy industries, food production, and more.  There are powerful individuals and corporations who have financial interests in seeing methods and processes continue which are contrary to human health and healthful evolution.   So those individuals and corporations fight to see their preferred methods and processes stay in place.  This necessarily means that they are, in effect, fighting to prevent progress which would greatly further the health and well-being of the majority of humanity.

A key step in moving beyond a culture that promotes self-indulgence regardless of it’s cultural and/or environmental implications is a recognition of our inherent mutuality.

Underneath whatever rough exterior any of us may have, there is an energy being.  We all are composed of the same divine energy and we all are inalienably a part of it.  The energy field that comprises and is all that is, is our one true home.  We are brothers and sisters of a common source and a common home.  It seems some of us have been enticed farther from our roots and our mutuality than others.  We need to learn how to properly regard one another and how to get along.  This imperative becomes more timely as we evolve and become more sensitive, more aware, more finely attuned to ourselves and our world.

It is time that we recognize the secondary nature of our worldly differences;  race, skin color, religious affiliations, etc., and embrace our essential mutuality.  Merely the act of recognizing our worldly differences as secondary to our nature provides some perspective.  Imagine our world unified, working together to provide the educational opportunities, the wholesome environment, the challenges and benefits that would benefit us all.

Fear of one another is a primary enemy.  Who will be the first in any encounter to offer friendship, expose vulnerability, recognize mutuality?  Other major  stumbling blocks include the contortions and exaggerations that our own egos may inflict upon us.   We need to learn to see ourselves and our needs realistically, in perspective relative to others and the world we live in.

Or we can go on competing, valuing material possessions above all else, filled with fear, hating.  Killing, destroying both human and environmental resources with potentials for good we have barely begun to understand.  Ultimately building bigger and better bombs until someone finally decides to use them.

It begins with what we put inside ourselves, inside our own hearts and minds.  Because when the time comes for us to act, we will act upon the values and ideas we have internalized.  After all, that’s all we have.

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