The Blessing of “We”

468One of the greatest thinking errors human beings make is falling into the trap of believing that we are isolated beings.  It is so easy to believe that we are isolated egos, living in separate, self-contained bodies, apart from all the other separate, self contained, beings around us.  To believe this scenario is to be unaware of or to ignore reality on several levels.  One level of reality the illusion (or delusion) that we are isolated beings ignores is that at our most basic, essential level of existence we are energy beings.  We are energy.  And that energy which is “me” is affected by the energy which is “you” and that all of us are affected by the collective energy field that we all contribute to and live within.

Of course there are many other ways that we inescapably effect each other.  Our consumption of our world’s resources, how we handle our waste, how we produce our food, what types of fuels/energy we use, the list of how we affect one another is a long one.  For purposes of this post I want to focus on the energetic/spiritual ways that I am aware of.

Again; we are energy beings.  And that energy which is “me” is affected by the energy which is “you” and all of us are affected by the collective energy field that we all contribute to and live within.  Consider that reality and the saying that;  “Culture is to people as water is to fish.”  We inescapably effect each other in a very real way whether we intend to or not.  So, knowing this, isn’t it to our benefit to become wiser and more deliberate in the ways we affect each other…and ourselves?

When we think we are using energy, and within the workings of our mind that energy has certain qualities.  These qualities can be measured by several different methods.  EEG technology, MRI’s, SPECT scans, are a few.  It has even been relatively recently announced that the technology exists to translate thoughts into speech!  (See the link at the end of this post.)  The fact is our thoughts produce measurable energy phenomenon.  And, as with all energy phenomenon, the waves and particles associated with the phenomenon are “broadcast” into the world-at-large.  If we could somehow see this reality, we could see that we exist in a world in which there are myriad “broadcasts” of energy phenomenon around us at any given moment.

So, do the thoughts and emotions that we are “broadcasting” to the world at large make any difference in our day to day life?  Have you ever noticed feeling comfortable or feeling threatened when around certain people or at certain places?  We can feel the nature of the energy around us.  And we more than just feel it, we feel it in a way that allows us to interpret it into meaningful responses.  Most of us regularly act upon this felt input in some way or another.  We can and do tune into the energy reality around us.  Most of us don’t give it a second thought when someone shares with us that they got “a feeling” around someone that either made them comfortable or uneasy.  However, if someone shares with us that they have picked up intelligible thoughts from the energy around us, that is usually, if not always, harder to accept.  Yet is the potential for this to be reality any less than the ability to pick up on “feelings”?  After all, a device now exists which can, essentially, do just that!  Of course we have to be guarded in our regard for the messages someone claims to be picking up psychically.  There are a lot of reasons why a person may want to feign this ability.  But this is not to say the ability doesn’t exist.

Each of us has an individual vibrational frequency.  I suppose we might call this our energy “signature”.  It is determined by the accumulated effect of all of the energy phenomenon that take place within our being.  From the cellular level to what is going on within our thoughts and feelings.  The vibrations, “broadcasts” from our energy become part of the ambient energy “noise” around us.   And sometimes, possibly via dreams or sometimes by psychic phenomenon, we tune into this ambient energy and pull something from it that we are able to “read”.

Whether we pick up on or tune into the ambient energy around us with our feelings or with our thoughts, to a greater or lesser extent, how you think and feel about me affects me.  The closer we are to somebody, personally or geographically, the more we tend to be aware of what they are “broadcasting”.

Can this energy be put to work for us? 

Consider this;  if we were to work together, if we found some viable middle ground on which we could all agree and we put our minds and energies together in a mutual effort at building/co-creating a worldwide culture which is sustainable and which sustains all of us, how powerful that could be!  We could create a culture which would essentially be a heaven on Earth for humankind.

Or we can just as easily, more easily in fact, turn this beautiful planet into a hell.  It’s up to us and it always has been.  And that is the key;  realizing it is up to us.  When we realize that, we can begin to become more deliberate and wiser in our actions.  One of the most important steps in the process is keeping our minds focused on thinking in terms of “WE”.  Do I matter?  Yes I do.  Do you matter?  Yes you do.  WE matter!

WE need to be working cooperatively.  Competition can be fun when it comes to chess or soccer or similar recreational games, however, competition is a killer as a cultural model.  Literally.  And it is a non-discriminating killer; it kills winners and losers alike.  How?  If in no other way, with stress/friction.  While incarnate on Earth we have bodies that miraculously can self-renew.  However, our bodies have limits to that ability.  It isn’t all that hard to overload our body’s ability to regenerate and/or heal itself.  We need to learn to be in touch with our bodies and take care of ourselves in more intelligent ways.

This is not to say we should avoid all stress.  We need some stress.  It’s just that we should not be overly stressing our bodies if we want them to last.  As with so many other things in life; when it comes to stress there is a middle-ground within which we can be active and sustain our health.

Two terms, concepts, that, in practice, have a profound effect upon us are:  “More”, and “Enough”.  When do we really need “more” and when is it in our best interests, for ourselves and everyone around us, to say “enough”?   This is a very pertinent question.  For example, when do we need to acquire more material/financial wealth and when should we be satisfied with what we have?   In order to live in a cooperative fashion with the community around us this is a very important question.

In our world today self-regulation seems to be seen as an undesirable, even a foolish quality to have.  Much of our media tends to exalt and glamorize those who overindulge their greed, lust, self-indulgence.  Yet conscientious self-regulation is quite possibly the most important behavior we can practice to help balance the inequities in the world and contribute to healing and trust.

Conducting our economic and interpersonal activities in ways which reflect an awareness of and respect for the mutuality of our lives would do much to heal our world.

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