Sea TurtlesAround the time human kind first peeked out of a cave and discovered the benefit of tools, we also discovered the benefit of a unified culture.  As the saying goes;  United we stand, divided we fall.  That really sums up an important reality of the human condition. As our culture has grown increasingly complex and technologically developed, there is less and less anyone ever does without utilizing/benefitting from the work of others.  The vast majority of us are dependent upon a unified culture for our food, water, shelter, transportation, medical needs, education, housing, furnishings, dishes, clothing, and entertainment.  Is there anything we do these days that doesn’t utilize assistance from others in some way?

However, occasionally someone or some small group wants to stand up and say:  “Look here, I (we) did this all by myself (ourselves) and the rest of you should pay us an inordinate fee for the benefit of what I (we) have done.”  In such cases those taking such a position are doing so with blinders on.  They are ignoring all the ways they could not have accomplished what they did without the help of hundreds or thousands of people outside their small circle.  All modern technological advances, large industrial operations, any big business, has been built upon the hard work, hopes and dreams of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions.   There is a vital spiritual as well as a physical reality involved.

Any person or group that wants to acquire inordinate amounts of the resources needed by all should keep in mind the axiom:  “Culture is to people as water is to fish”.  It is so true.  If we want to be truly healthy we need to be aware that our financial demands on the culture affect us all.  What is really in our best interests?


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