Redistribution of Wealth


Redistribution of wealth.  We hear about it frequently.  Usually something along the lines that it is evil and a socialist or communist or left-wing plot to take money from the wealthy and deserving and give it to the poor and undeserving.  Sound about right? 

However, redistribution of wealth, really, is simply taking wealth from one place and putting it somewhere else.  Now, is that going on in the U.S.?  You bet it is.  The current reality is that under the banner of “free enterprise” or “capitalism” a business/political system has been constructed which redistributes wealth daily and has for some time.  The current system in practice supports, mostly, taking money from the working class and redistributing it primarily to the wealthy and secondly to the poor.

This system of redistribution is maintained by the policies and practices of big business hand-in-hand with those of government.  So the question we face as a nation is not whether government should become involved in redistribution of wealth.  Our government has been actively involved in that for many decades.  The question is;  does our current form of redistribution of wealth supported by governmental policy and regulation work for us?  Does it serve the best interests of “We the People” or not?  From my perspective it doesn’t.

The current system is producing too much homelessness, unemployment, working class poor, hopelessness, anxiety, fear and depression.  If our goal is a healthy, vibrant nation we are definitely not succeeding.   What can help?  Some of my suggestions:  living wages, a three day work week (this would allow greater opportunity to develop as a human being and create more jobs), a cap on personal income, abolish the stock market, stop usury wherever it is taking place.  Restore prohibitions on ownership of multiple media and mega-interstate banks.  We need a sustainable economic/cultural paradigm that can work for us all.

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