Tobacco, Advertising and Fluoride

    Realistic burning cigarette Recently our local newspaper contained an article on the relatively new data coming out which shows that tobacco is more dangerous than previously thought.  We have come to know smoking is unhealthful, now we know more about how unhealthful it is.  Yet for decades cigarettes and other tobacco products have been, and still are, a goldmine.  We know that sometimes youth are targeted in tobacco marketing campaigns.  Are we really a species willing to sell out it’s own, including it’s young, for dollars?  It seems some are, some aren’t.

     In the 1920s the tobacco industry wanted women to start using their product.  They needed a super-salesman.  They employed the nephew of Sigmund Freud; Edward Bernays.  He proved to be a genius when it came to marketing.  Often referred to as “the Father of Spin”, one of his favorite techniques was the use of authority figures to sell a product.  Remember all those ads with doctors smoking cigarettes?  Using this and other clever techniques the marketing plans succeeded and women were sold on tobacco.

     Then, when the aluminum industry wanted to sell the American public on fluoridation (another goldmine), they also employed Edward Bernays.  Using similar techniques to those used to sell smoking to women, fluoridation was sold to the public.

     “You can get practically any ideas accepted,… If doctors are in favor, the public is willing to accept it, because a doctor is an authority to most people, regardless of how much he knows, or doesn’t know …” (Edward Bernays being interviewed by Christopher Bryson, 1993) 

But that’s not the only similarity between tobacco and fluoridation.  As with tobacco, it has been discovered that fluoride has many significant health hazards including being a carcinogen.   A reality recognized by, among many others, the EPA Headquarters Union of Scientists.

Some excellent sources to learn more:

A statement from the EPA Headquarters Union of Scientists

A good video, especially the segments concerning the EPA’s Office of Drinking Water’s former Chief Toxicologist, Dr. William Marcus

The Fluoride Action Network

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