Why This Blog?

Tennessee RiverIt’s so easy to do and often so wrong to take something for granted.  In retrospect I thought the underlying theme of my posts would be clear via their content.  I have since had the thought/intuition that I need to simply state what that is.

Right now there are coalitions of powerful individuals from industry, banking, government, military that are exercising an inordinate and unhealthful influence over affairs in the U.S. and elsewhere.  The policies and activities of these coalitions are diminishing and endangering our lives and our children’s lives.  Through methods that include extortionate financial practices, controlled media and textbooks, debilitating chemicals in our water, food, air and even some medicines we are being herded toward a future that is not designed with our best interests in mind.  We seem to be viewed as numbers on a page, some type of resource or liability rather than whole human/spiritual beings.  Beings who love and aspire to fulfill our potential here on Earth and within the universe that is our home.

We need to recognize the mutuality of our lives, educate ourselves and work to establish through word and deed, practices that are wholesome and will assist us all in achieving the worthy hopes and desires we have for ourselves, our children, our loved ones and our communities.

The issue of course is what is “worthy”?  The answers to that question are to be found by educating ourselves to what we truly are, in body and spirit, and what we genuinely need to be whole and healthy.   We are living in a time when more information pertaining to those questions is available than at any time in recorded history.  We need to transcend our prejudices, dogmas, and make a genuine devotion to seeking truthful and accurate information a part of our lives.  And then we need to work for the application of that information in our individual and collective endeavors. In the posts of blog I will be sharing information and perspectives which I have found of value in my journey.

One criteria to look for when evaluating information is it’s value in guiding us toward a future in which we can not only survive but thrive.  This includes whether or not the ideas/concepts presented are grounded in love;  love for self, family, community and the planet.

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