Take Charge

436On a daily basis we are being bombarded with negative news.  Here in the U.S. we are seeing social programs being decreased or cut, Social Security is threatened, the health insurance situation would be a joke if it weren’t so serious.  Our military is involved in what seems like unending war, jobs are being shipped to other countries, the list goes on and on.  It is easy to find oneself discouraged, feeling insignificant, going about life in a reactive mode.  However, we do have options.  They all begin with realizing that we, as individuals, all have the power to break the patterns of thinking and acting that reinforce the negativity.

The multitude of situations we face daily all have some common themes running through them.  One of them is how are we going to deal with other human beings?  Are we going to come from a place of fear;  defensive, guarded, acting out of narrowly defined self interest?  Or we can come from a place of love, recognizing the inherent humanity of the people we deal with.  It is through actively acknowledging the inherent worth and dignity of others that we may influence others who are isolated and/or afraid to open their hearts and minds to recognizing our inherent commonality.

Possibly the most damaging illusion we can face is that we are hopelessly alone.  The fact is we are surrounded by people who share our concerns, our joys and our need for interacting with others.  Often I have seen human beings likened to snowflakes with the intended message being that we are all unique.  This analogy is usually only used in a superficial way.  However, if we take a more complete view of the analogy it holds a deeper truth.   On the most basic level all snowflakes are the same.  They are made of the same material and require the same conditions to survive.  During their formation different experiences lead them to different shapes just as in our lives different experiences lead us to a variety of perspectives and insights on life.  When we can recognize and honor our mutuality while simultaneously appreciating the variations we have to share we can truly begin enjoying the richness that being human in a sea of humanity has to offer.

This is just one way that we can take charge within our lives and begin building a more connected, vital, life for ourselves within a more connected and vital community.

One thought on “Take Charge

  1. I agree that changes won’t occur in society until they occur within each individual. As a collective, conscious people we CAN create “Heaven on Earth.”


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